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Life, Liberty, Property

Less Serious




The Law - Frederic Bastiat - An outstanding anti-Socialist discourse. Published in 1850 during the height of the Socialist movement in France, it's as relevant today as it was then. And as it was then in France, so in the United States today has the law been twisted from it's original purpose (defending liberty and property) to an instrument of legalized plunder.

Winning The Cultural War - Charlton Heston

Commencement - William J. Bennett

3 Myths of the Great Depression - Burton Folsom Jr.  - FDR did NOT rescue the USA from the Great Depression - in fact, his "New Deal" policies prolonged it.

The Civil War Was NOT About Slavery - Walter E. Williams - Intrusive central government vs "states rights" was the divisive issue that prompted the South to secede.

Not Yours To Give - David Crocket - Colonel David Crockett, while serving as a Representative from Tennessee, gave this speech on the subject of the government dispensing charity. The Constitution clearly gave no authority to Congress to take money collected from the citizens and disburse it to others. I have personally both given, and in hard times, received charity, but I must agree with the good Colonel that the US Government has no authority to do so.