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Be advised that what you will find here reflects the United States' founding principles - the importance of individuality, liberty, and property before all else. You will not find anywhere on this site a speck of sympathy towards "Diversity", large intrusive government and the ills that it brings, or grand social programs. These things are contrary to the earlier mentioned founding principles.

A lot of what you'll see in the arena of ideas is presented to you in the words of others, sometimes by linking you to their site. Although I may hold the same opinion or position, they are more practiced speakers and writers than I, and I'll let them do most of the heavy lifting.

You may also occasionally see rants of my own, but I have for the most part created this section of my site as a vehicle with which I can present to you thought provoking commentary you may not otherwise have found by casual browsing.

If you are interested, then clear your mind, put aside your fears, and wade on in - the water feels fine once you stop thrashing.


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